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Roger Stone Attorneys Just Caught CNN In a Lie

The Gateway Pundit just released a report demonstrating CNN lied to their viewers. CNN claimed they worked off a hunch to stake outside Roger Stone’s home before the FBI raid took place. They said they were not tipped off in any way by the Special Counsel’s Office. Here’s what The Gateway Pundit discovered:

Documents obtained exclusively by The Gateway Pundit show a copy of the draft indictment without the PACER filing number or official stamps of the court, with metadata on the document identifying it as being authored by “AAW”, who is suspected to be lead Special Counsel prosecutor Andrew Weissmann.

According to The Gateway Pundit, CNN received a draft indictment document that could have only came directly from the FBI, not the courts. In other words, CNN was probably tipped off an hour before Roger Stone’s arrest.

Stone’s attorneys are asking both the House and Senate Judiciary Committees to investigate these leaks. According to Stone’s lawyer, CNN had a pre-filing copy of the Indictment.

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