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Judge Revokes Top Democrat’s Green Card – Deports Her To Mexico

Nobody is above the law. Nobody.

One thing is clear: the Democrats have turned into a mob.

They are trying to bully our government into giving them whatever they want. They don’t believe in democracy or elections—just rioting.

One prominent Democrat is learning the hard way that her actions have serious consequences.

From ABC:

An Arizona judge has stripped a prominent Washington-area immigration and reproductive rights organizer of her green card and ordered her deportation.

The Washington Post reports the immigration judge on Tuesday also denied 33-year-old Alejandra Pablos’ petitions for asylum, saying the Mexican-born legal permanent resident wouldn’t qualify because reproductive rights activists aren’t deemed a group in need of protection.

Pablos got herself into trouble when she traveled to Phoenix. She can’t hide in a tough-on-immigration state like Arizona.

She was safe in swampland D.C. But she was apprehended, thanks to her own criminal activity.

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Looks like her interference on our immigration system finally caught up with her.

Imagine this con artist’s audacity. She isn’t even an American—yet she had the gall to challenge our laws and systems.

She had a green card for years. Maybe she could have gotten citizenship—if she bothered.

Instead, she exploited the immigration issue to get attention and fame. Not to mention money for her agenda.

It’s clear she was an advocate for lawlessness. Pablos didn’t believe in our system of fair immigration to those who merit it.

She wanted an open door for every border jumper and freeloader.

Now she’s being sent packing.

When you don’t respect American lives, you pay the price.

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H/T: Patriot Journal

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