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CBS rejects pro-flag ‘Just Stand’ Super Bowl ad narrated by US Marine Benghazi survivor: ‘Let’s call this what it is…’

CBS, the broadcast television network slated to air the Super Bowl, has rejected a pro-flag “Just Stand” ad allegedly because of the 45-second-long advertisement’s politically incorrect patriotism. “Let’s call this what it is: a blatant attempt to censor a message that their politically correct executives find offensive,” retired Army Capt. Tyler Merritt, …

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Virginia Democrat Governor Who Suggested After Birth Abortion’s Dark Secret Now Nationally Known … Planned Parenthood Funneled Nearly $2 Million Into His Campaign

Planned Parenthood was 100% behind Ralph Northam when he launched his campaign for the position of Governor of Virginia in 2017. “It’s really clear that Virginians want and need a fierce champion like Dr. Northam to stand up for them and to stand up for women’s health,” Jennifer Allen, Planned …

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Under Sec Of Def For Policy: Forget Pelosi & Schumer, Trump Can Build The Wall Without Declaring A National Emergency, Thus W/o Congress

During a Tuesday House Armed Services Committee hearing, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy John Rood stated that President Donald Trump has the power to build his coveted wall between the United States’ southern border and Mexico without approval from Congress or declaring a national emergency. John Binder of Breitbart …

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US payment of $1.7 billion to Iran made entirely in cash

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is acknowledging its transfer of $1.7 billion to Iran earlier this year was made entirely in cash, using non-U.S. currency, as Republican critics of the transaction continued to denounce the payments. Treasury Department spokeswoman Dawn Selak said in a statement late Tuesday that the cash …

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Sanders & Trump Blast Rashida Tlaib After Her Profane Remarks: ‘She Dishonored Her Family & Country’

President Trump and Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders shot back at incoming Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) after her profantiy impeach rant to President Donald Trump. Hours after becoming a congresswoman, Tlaib promised to “impeach” Trump, telling an audience that she would “impeach the motherf****r.” (Videos Below) Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee …

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